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Flyfishing in Bosnia

Flyfishing in Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Many foreign fly fishermen could simply not believe that Bosnia and Herzegovina provides with excellent fly fishing opportunities, well maintained gin clear waters full of fish, excellent catches, and all at a very modest price. However, after they had their chance to visit our rivers, most of them come back. Regardless if you want to fish small streams, medium and large size rivers, Bosnia provides you with excellent fly fishing opportunities, mainly for wild fish. You can expect to catch huge grayling, beautiful trophy size brown trout, large rainbows and of course, the biggest attraction to all fly fishermen, the Danube Salmon (HUCHO HUCHO). Please visit the “Rivers” section to get more details about the waters.



Admir Ado Jeginovic


My name is Admir-Ado Jeginovic, born in the town of Kljuc which is divided by the beautiful river Sana, one of the three clearest waters in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have been fishing since my childhood and there have been many years of fly fishing experience over my shoulders. Following the fly fishing expansion in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the last couple of years, I have been engaged a lot in guiding our numerous international fly fishing guests. My very long fly fishing experience has not been based on fly fishing and guiding only, I have a tremendous experience in teaching fly casting and fly tying to my guests, as well as to children through the local fly fishing school. My flies have been sold and are still being sold throughout Europe, from the neighbouring Croatia and Slovenia, through Austria, Germany and other parts of Western Europe as well as some South-Eastern European countries and Scandinavia. My fishing guests also come from different countries of the world, they can be beginners, renowned fishermen or even fly fishing instructors. I have been guiding our international guests to many rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the two beats of Sana river, Sanica, Pliva, Ribnik, Una, Unac, Klokot and Krusnica. Most of the guiding I do for trout and grayling, but, during the past three-four years I offered a lot of guiding for the biggest salmonide specimen, the Danube Salmon (Hucho Hucho) which a sort of European Taimen. I managed to persuade my fly fishing association to extend the fly fishing season for Danube Salmon, therefore as of last year, the season begins on 1 Jun and ends on 15 February of the following year. Since no fly fishing for Danube Salmon is possible without a guide or a controller as an escort, I ended up guiding 95% of fly fishermen who came to try their luck and catch a Taimen of their lives. To every guest, including the Taimen fishermen I do offer my patterns, therefore the catches are most of the time guaranteed. It is not that I tie the best fly patterns, it is just that I have spent so many years studying the waters and the entomology, so nowadays I only tie "Match the Hatch" flies.

Traveler Information

Flyfishing in Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Full name: Bosnia and Herzegovina Area: 51,129 Sqm Population: approximately 4 million Capital: Sarajevo Currency: Convertible mark (BAM), pegged to Euro at a rate of EUR 1.00 = BAM 1.95 Visa requirements: Visa is not required for citizens of EU countries, Iran, Japan, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, U.S.A., Tunisia, Vatican, Switzerland, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Russian Federation, Croatia, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. All others are obliged to obtain visa for entering Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visas are to be issued by diplomatic and consular missions abroad. How to find us: If you are planning on arriving with a personal vehicle, you may use the Michelin service (http://www.viamichelin.com/); please choose Bihac or Kljuc as your destination parameter, depending on you favored fishing destination. If you are planning on arriving via air, the best options are the airports in Zagreb, Zadar or Split. All three destinations allow bookings through Ryan Air, Germanwings, etc. with the option of booking cheap flights. We can also pre-arrange a rent-a-car service to await you at any of these airports at any time.